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Sunday, October 9, 2011

5th day of class.. ????

On the 5th day of class we are learned about scientific process skill. The truth was i'm kind of lost and blur at this time because i'm not attending the class on that day. The reason why is i was participating marching for Patriotic Day, Okay done!! let's begin with the learning stuff..

Apa Itu Kemahiran Sainstifik??

kemahiran yang membantu kita menjalankan sains dan kemahiran memanipulatif.Jadi, untuk membantu kita memudahkan lagi menjalankan proses sains seperti eksperimen kita perlu memahami kemahiran saintifik ini. 

Terdapat  12 perkara yang merangkumi kemahiran Proses Sains  iaitu memerhati, mengelas,mengukur dan menggunakan nombor,membuat inferens,meramal,berkomunikasi,menggunakan perhubungan ruang dan masa,mentafsir maklumat,mendefinasikan secara Operasi,mengawal memboleh ubah,membuat hipotesis dan mengeksperimen.

Proses-Proses Kemahiran Sainstifik

Proses mengumpul maklumat tentang objek dan fenomena menggunakan sebahagian atau kesemua deria dan dibuat secara kualitatif atau kuantitatif.

Proses memerhati dan mengenal pasti perbezaan dan persamaan antara objek atau fenomena berdasarkan ciri atau sifat yang sepunya.

Kelebihan membuat pemerhatian secara kuantitatif yang melibatkan penggunaan alat pendawaian.


Proses membuat kesimpulan awal untuk menerangkan peristiwa atau objek berdasarkan pemerhatian..
kesimpulan yang dibuat pula mungkin benar atau salah.

Proses untuk menentukan dan menjangka peristiwa yang akan berlaku.

Kemahiran yang merujuk kepada kelebihan menerima,memilih dan memepersembahkan maklumat atau idea dalam pelbagai bentuk.

Kelebihan memperihalkan atau menunjukkan lokasi,arah,bentuk dan saiz sesuatu objek dan perubahannya mengikut masa.


Kelebihan memberi penerangan rasional tentang objek,fenomena atau pola berdasarkan maklumat yang dikumpul.

Proses memberi definasi tentang sesuatu konsep atau keadaan dengan menyatakan perkara yang perlu dilakukan dan diperhatikan.

Satu faktor,keadaan atau hubungan yang boleh diubah dalam suatu kejadian atau sistem yang dikaji.


Merupakan suatu ramalan mengenai hubungan antara dua atau lebih pembolehubah.(Boleh diuji kesahihannya)
Kelebihan melaksanakan prosedur untuk menguji sesuatu hipotesis.

Monday, October 3, 2011

4th day of class...

"Constructivism proposes that learning environments should support multiple perspectives or interpretations of reality, knowledge construction, and context-rich, experience-based activities."

-- David H. Jonassen

What is constructivism theory?

theory that people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. When learners encounter something new, they reconcile it with previous knowledge and experience. They may change what they believe, or they may discard the new information as irrelevant.

The principal of constructivism theory...

Students come to learning situations with already formulated knowledge, ideas, and understandings. Students will integrate new experiences and interpretations to construct their own personal meaning with this previous knowledge.

The student is the person who creates new understanding for her/himself. The teacher guides knowledge, but allows the students to experiment, manipulate objects, ask questions and try things that don't work. Students also help set their own goals and means of assessment.

Teachers should create opportunities for students to question and reflect on their own learning processes, either privately or in group discussions. The teacher should also create activities that lead the student to reflect on his or her prior knowledge and experiences.

The constructivist classroom relies heavily on collaboration among students because students learn about learning not only from themselves, but also from their peers. When students together review and reflect on their learning processes, they can pick up strategies and methods from one another.
Inquiry- or Problem-Based: The main activity in a constructivist classroom is solving problems. Students use inquiry methods to ask questions, investigate a topic, and use a variety of resources to find solutions and answers.

Students have knowledge that they may later see as incorrect, or insufficient to explain new experiences. As students explore a topic or problem, they draw conclusions, and, as exploration continues, they revisit those conclusions and modify them to support new knowledge or experiences

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

cool and awesome video about NUCLEAR..

hye once again.. i know i'm kind a little bit late to update my entry compared to the others. i saw many of my coursemate updating their blog with such knowledgeable and interesting input.. awesome you guys.. quite jealous with your skills in designing your own blog.. enough with such an absurd chit chat.. 

this video is about how nuclear power energy is generated.. the video shows us a better understanding on how this energy is produced.. with a better animation and graphical presentation, this video is not bad at all. credit to video maker or video uploader...

3rd day of class...

okay what do i learned on that day.. well there were so many input that has be given by Dr Nurul in 3 hours of period.. Hopefully i will manage to get some empty spaces in head and fill it up with these beneficial knowledge.. huhuhu.
Lesson 1: (as i remember)

  • how to differentiate between education instruction and teaching
  • explain the relationship between education, instruction, teaching, technology, assessment, and learning.
These are the main inquiries 

I also have learned a new technique called Advance Organizer: Technique KWHL
what is KWHL is stand for???

K- what you Know
W- what do you Want to know
H- How to find out
L- what have you Learned

Our next lesson is to fill up the blank by answering all the questions that has be given above..

What you KNOW?? What you WANT to know?? HOW to find out?? What you LEARNED??

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Malaysia, Energy Crisis & Nuclear....???

As a developing country, Malaysia now facing with a bigger issues which is energy crisis. Oil and gas have been the main energy sources in Malaysia. But as Malaysia is developing the demand for the energy is getting higher and higher each year. We predict that the oil and gas will eventually getting fewer and couldn't support our rapidly economic growth as our country developing in the future. How do we going to solve this problem??

Nuclear may seem as a dangerous and harmful energy to certain kind of people. But do we realize the good side of it. Media do play an important by telling the disadvantages of nuclear.. Begins with the nuclear as a dangerous defense and weapon that can destroy and damage human tragic nuclear disaster that happened in Chernobyl and Fukushima. FYI nuclear are now widely used in our daily life without we ever noticed it. For example in medicine, that uses small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose or treat a variety of diseases, including many types of cancers, heart disease and certain other abnormalities within the body.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2nd day of class

Lecture ke 2 menerangkan mengenai Assessment (Penaksiran)

  • Penaksiran - proses mengumpul maklumat tentang apa yang pelajar tahu dan apa yang mereka boleh lakukan..
  • Assessment - process of collecting data about what student know and what they can do..
Contoh proses - questionnaire
                       - quiz
                       - rubric ( data collector)
Examples of Assessment

  • Formative assessment
  • Summative assessment
  • Peer assessment
  • Self assessment

1st day of class

Dr Nurul has given some questions to be answered... There are:
1. How is life without energy?
2. How does energy shortage effect our life?
3. What do you know about nuclear energy?
    Can it be the dominant energy source in Malaysia. Justify your answer...

Well these are the answers for those questions.
1. Life is so incomplete without energy. There are no meaning of life without it. Can you imagine living in the dark, doing a heavy duty job all alone yourself. Mankind life totally affected and our country won't developing..

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Nuclear energy is an energy that is produced from the nucleus of an atom. The atom that is used to create this energy is for example uranium atom. The process of splitting uranium atom to create nuclear energy is called fission.

finally my 1st entry..

Assalamualaikum.. Hai.. Sawadikap.. Namastee.. Salam 1 Malaysia.. Akhirnya aku berjaya memecah kebuntuan untuk menulis entry pertama aku di blog ini..Almaklumlah laptop aku sudah rosak. Blog ini dibuat untuk subjek KPD 3016 yang diajar oleh Dr Nurul Huda Abd Rahman dengan harapan subjek ni dapat A nanti.. AMIN..