Sunday, October 2, 2011

3rd day of class...

okay what do i learned on that day.. well there were so many input that has be given by Dr Nurul in 3 hours of period.. Hopefully i will manage to get some empty spaces in head and fill it up with these beneficial knowledge.. huhuhu.
Lesson 1: (as i remember)

  • how to differentiate between education instruction and teaching
  • explain the relationship between education, instruction, teaching, technology, assessment, and learning.
These are the main inquiries 

I also have learned a new technique called Advance Organizer: Technique KWHL
what is KWHL is stand for???

K- what you Know
W- what do you Want to know
H- How to find out
L- what have you Learned

Our next lesson is to fill up the blank by answering all the questions that has be given above..

What you KNOW?? What you WANT to know?? HOW to find out?? What you LEARNED??

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